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Fifty-50's News

Posted by Fifty-50 - October 2nd, 2011

Because I feel like it.

Random Newspost

Posted by Fifty-50 - April 25th, 2011

I made my "totally original manga/comic" And this is the cover.

*Page 1*
*Page 2*

Thread where you can see in-progress works with the comic.

Totally Original Manga/Comic

Posted by Fifty-50 - April 19th, 2011


P.S. I'm going to make a flash about this. Wish me luck.


Posted by Fifty-50 - March 16th, 2011

Posted by Fifty-50 - January 31st, 2011

Anyway, I'd like to make a newspost to commemorate my first collaboration in a flash animation! I'd have to say it wasn't easy for all of us. I would like to thank my teammates for allowing me to join them. Thank you good sirs!


Movie Jam : Sheer Awesomeness

Posted by Fifty-50 - November 6th, 2010

Hello there! Fifty-50 here! I'm just here to say that You should check my stuff. Of course it's all fine if you don't want to.
*Things To Check Out*
See how I evolve in my Art works. *Fifty-50's Art Thread*
See my works currently displayed here on Newgrounds! *Noobish Art Work*
And finally check out my page at DevianART! *Me at DeviantART*

I'd like to thank the guys at our own Newgrounds Art Forum! Keep cool newgrounds!

Wassup Guys?

Posted by Fifty-50 - August 21st, 2010

Yeah I have decided to make something for it. Anyway, I already made a madness related art somewhere on the portal.Here it is. I guess there is enough time for me to work on my piece.

And all the other art I'm making, I'll put it on hold for now. I apologize because I have screwed up priorities. And please feel free to look at my gallery and also my art thread.

Here is what I have so far.

Madness Day?

Posted by Fifty-50 - August 1st, 2010

C'mon go look at it! *Art* + *Art Thread*

And there's another important thing. There's a group at DeviantArt for NGers. I suggest you get your asses up there and sign up! I swear if we have enough members then that site would stop looking down at us. Make sure you put the URL of your userpage if you want to join.

*Click Here To See The Group*

Thank you for reading. LOL

Shameless Plugging + Ng Group at DeviantART!!!

Posted by Fifty-50 - May 20th, 2010

I'm still working on my flash animation and I scrapped the last one on my earlier newspost. I'm working on a new one and I can say that the progress is quite good. I think it's pretty good. This is the first time I ever worked with flash in a serious way, and this is my first movie as well. But it's so hard because of the animation and coloring.

This is a pic showing my progress in flash. How does it look?

Flash is so damn hard...

Posted by Fifty-50 - March 11th, 2010

Ok guys, after sometime now I decided to learn flash. It was quite easy but quite hard at the same time. I like frame by frame animation. That's what I meant by it's easy but hard at the same. Yeah, drawing is quite easy but one for every frame needs more effort.

Expect I'll be submitting something by next month. Yeah naruto I like.

Flash, flash and flash