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Cupcake Overload!

You guys are all awesome.

ReNaeNae responds:

No, YOU!!! Thanks for making this even sweeter with your aweso artz!!! :D

Awesome work guys

I don't really get the jokes but the animation was great.

What did I just see???

Awesome animation. I liked the part where that girl transforms. Reminded me of Girlchan.

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This is definitely an entertaining collaboration with a plentiful number of talented artists involved. I enjoyed looking through the thread when you guys were working on this. Although I think all of the art were great in their own respective ways, I gotta say that my favorite was Aigis'. His contribution in my opinion was able to capture the childlike innocence that is what I think one of the very significant essences of Christmas. I really adore his style to be perfectly honest as it is a bit "childish" and very cute in a sense. I apologize to Aigis if I ever offend him. Haha. I also loved Test-Object's parts. Out of all of them I liked the train the most. It was cleverly executed to fuse along Cloudy's and Spags' pieces respectively. You have my respect and adoration Testy!

Anyway, this is just wonderful! I am almost jealous that I wasn't able to take part in such a festive collaboration. Kudos to each and every one of you beautiful, beautiful people. Especially to TOAS himself for putting together this whole thing. Haha. Certainly deserves a 5 out 5. Merry Christmas!

TurkeySeize responds:

If I can confess, Aigis' contribution is one of my faves too, especially because he's not a painter yet his water ripples are stunning in that.

Merry Christmas, fiddy.

Impressive concept, story and gameplay.

I have to say this game is one of the best I've played in flash. I'm sure you worked yourself to death just to make this possible and I respect you for that Evil-Dog. I might only be one in a thousand people reviewing this, but I hope my words would mean something to you by the end of the day.

It is quite impressive in regards to detail and artwork.The overall concept for this is rather unique and unusual, since most zombie games in today's times usually involve the "kill all the zombies with weapons until you save the human race" thing. Which kinda gets old after a while. Props to you for coming up with something like this which really gets me thinking.

This game shows you a side of the undead that is usually overlooked or scrapped all together in other games. It demonstrates that they still have remnants of their human side intact even after going through the process of turning into a zombie. I think this has a philosophical meaning to it, but I'm not very sure as to what it really is.

As for the story, it really has that haunting essence about it. I can feel the desperation and fear that Mr. Tyler experiences as he uncovers bits and pieces about the zombies and as to what really caused the outbreak of the virus. The alpha tapes and notes really got me hooked in the game since the story really sucks me in as you can say it.

But I think it would have been great to have an ending. Because to be honest it was kind of a let down to the story. It's like reading a book only to discover that the author didn't finish the final chapter.

If it's possible, multiple endings would have made this game a legend. One good wherein Mr. Tyler was able to fully understand the zombies and one bad wherein one of the specimens escaped and infected him. That would just be the greatest thing ever. But I can understand if you wouldn't want to do it since you already put a lot of effort into it. Maybe in future games? Please?

The game play is extremely unusual in a zombie game which is extremely great in my opinion. It feels like a puzzle game as well as an action game. A hybrid if you will. I really praise you for that since that is extremely difficult to incorporate. I think you can add something, like a little more action. Maybe it would look good if you ever plan to make a Lab Of The Dead 2.

I would like to suggest an action part where YOU have to catch a fresh specimen yourself every time you are in need of a new one. Maybe going outside the complex and having that element of danger and death to the player. Maybe having guns or setting up elaborate traps. That would be awesome!

Well anyway, it is still an extremely great game. I recommend it to everyone. 10/10, 5/5.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks for the lenghty review dude
The ending of the game is when you see the cinematic, I won't say what happens to avoid spoiling the game for others but you've seen it.
The story isn't over and will continue in future games in the series, it's the same story universe as in Road of the Dead, play this other game of mine if you havent.
We did it that way to let the player continue playing as long as he wants while still making sense. It wouldn't make sense if there's an ending where he escapes and then the player continue playing in the lab. Nor would it make sense if he gets infected and then nothing come out of it and the player continues working in the lab, so our ending is an open ending until you'll know what happens with Tyler in future games.

We're planning Lab of the Dead 2 but it will be a prequel to the whole story and a VERY different game. Road of the Dead 2 will also continue the story and we have other games planned that will explore other facets of this story, including what happens to General Sherman from Road of the Dead in a game where he's the main character. I won't say too much but yeah, we don't do things out of laziness or bad design, the ending is as it should be with how we planned the continuation of the overarching story. I do understand people are dissapointed by a mere "note" for an ending.


That's my vote. Must be the greatest collab evar. :D

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This is real amazing, I think you captured Lovecraft very well. I like your interpretation of the Lovecraftian monsters. Personally I think this deserves first place.

Gabriel-lvstrong responds:

Thank you my friend.
The most amazing is that each person has their own interpretation. This creates a richness in lovecraft universe.

I'm not really a good connoisseur of anime women, but I'd say this one looks very upset. The way she furrows her eyebrows with a clear disdain on her face along with her crossed arms makes me wonder just what kind of situation she's in.

Either way, this is masterful use of blending although it does bother me you decided to make this painting sans background. Also I am in a bit in a daze trying to make sense where the light originates that creates the shading. I am inclined to assume that it's coming from the middle(?); that I am not sure of.

It's pretty great. 5/5 would bang

I simply adore the warmth of this painting, the overall mood of it being in good unity as it is. The rendering on the metal is pretty impressive as well. Loving the spontaneous painting style, it's brash but not disorganized.

5/5 would bang


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